Wales is pretty – part 2

‘Part 2, so soon?’, I can hear you think. Why yes! I want to get to part 3 fast, because there are some classic cat pictures in there. Yesterday I posted pictures of the countryside, today it’s time for some of the sights.

Creepy image of a man on the outside of the cathedral in Llandaff:

Holla atcha boy

Happy graves:

The St. Davids cathedral. Not a particular beautiful shot, but I love that the graves are scattered around the cathedral seemingly random.

p.s. I’m not morbid or anything, I just like gravejards!

One of the many castles strewn across Wales:


A really surprised cow:

And the fattest supposidly “low-fat” coleslaw. It really said low-fat on the menu. I still gag just looking at this bowl of heart-attack-to-be. And yes, that is my boyfriend giving the coleslaw the finger. It had it coming.

F Hamham. Ferdi?

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