Wales is pretty – kittehs!

The last of the Wales posts (part 1 and part 2), with a bunch of cats. Some of the cats were too hard to capture on camera, so I will not be posting all kitty sightings. Unless you like black dots in a green field of course, let me know.

We stumbled upon this cat when we took a wrong turn (see part 1). He was not pleased to see us. I know the pictures are not the best quality, but I think his anger is still very much visible.

Godver joh

Ga van mien erf
“You make me sick.”

This cat may look angry:

Ears backward move in action

But she was a delight, and after some close inspection:

“Let me do a background check.”

“I guess you’re ok.”

She just kept purring and asking for attention:

Canted angle means bad things? Not always!

“See ya!”

So after the jump, I will reveal my face for the first time on Cats ‘n stuff. I always wanted to exclude myself on this blog, because it really is about cats mostly, but since I’ll be travelling for two months from the end of May, and I’ll be posting my travel stories and photo’s here, I have abandoned that idea. So beware!

Pull my finger

That picture was just too funny not to post, and the cat was so cool he deserves a lot of pictures. Check out his tiny wet footprints on my jeans!

“Whaddaya want?”

Close inspection

Bye sweetest kitty in Wales!

2 Responses to “Wales is pretty – kittehs!”

  1. shussmallworld Says:

    How adorable are those kitties! I have to ask the obvious dorky question — did they have an accent (or at least sound differently)???

  2. catsnstuff Says:

    Nope, kitties have developed an international language I guess ;). Like cat-Esperanto!

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