Dweezil freezes cat

Dweezil is the cat from the girlfriend of my boyfriend’s brother. Vague description, I know. I’m really bad with figuring out family relations, I have problems with the concept of grandfather, let alone stuff like this. What is that called? No idea. I once spent an entire afternoon with someone related to me way back, figuring out just how we were family. And we had the family tree printed in front of us. I guess that really proved we were family, because who takes four hours to simply find out you’re third cousins?! Wow, ok, back on topic.

Dweezil has a friend that lives next door, and they have befriended each other mostly through glass. These pictures are really old (incedental repost maybe), but super cute. Especially because Dweezil demonstrates her freezing powers over other cats.

First step – telepathic staring:

Already hooked
“He suspects nothing.”

Wrong Dweezil, you can’t see it, but the grey kitty is already spellbound.

Second step – the staredown

Over the shoulder shot = lolz

Ready for the end result?

Catatonic, frozen state:

Catatonic, really?


3 Responses to “Dweezil freezes cat”

  1. menni Says:

    Do you think they know they’re the same species? Oh well, freezing’s better than fighting anyway.

  2. shussmallworld Says:

    I love the big round eyes kitties can produce and use for various purposes: “must fetch catnip”, “who, ME???”, “I so can’t believe you did that!” “Why, mom?” These are so cute! How great that you caught the encounter for posterity. 🙂

  3. catsnstuff Says:

    They do look at each other mesmerized don’t they. And Shu, those big round eyes speak volumes don’t they. I should work on my round eyes, maybe I’ll get something done too!

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