The fastest cat in the world + playlist

I live in a building with a communal bike storage facility (it’s Holland right!). Thankfully, there are a couple of cats that come and greet me almost every day when I come down to get my bike. They look a lot like each other, but one has a very distinct characteristic that leaves no doubt in your mind about which one you’re dealing with. She is…the fastest cat in the world! She keeps running towards me for a little petting, then runs away, runs back and starts rolling around on the ground like she’s on fast forward. Therefore, I haven’t got a single clear shot of her. And I can tell you I’ve tried. Let me show you how it typically goes:

The approach:


Ready for petting:

Think fast!
“Hurry hurry hurry”

Then the circling of my legs starts:

“Dizzy yet?!”

And finally, the fast-forward rolling:


Want to see the attempts to get a shot that isn’t blurry? Then…

My friend Menno of Mimi fame tried to hold her nice and still:

“I must remain elusive.”

“But…but, the petting is over there.”

My attempts weren’t much better, I must admit:

Genius at work, this is how I look when I’m making all my cat pictures. Thanks Menno!

heeere kitteh kitteh


I haven’t posted anything on my music playlist for ages, which is ridiculous since I have music on almost all day when I’m at home. This is the stuff I have in my playlist at the moment:

Sam Cooke at the Copa. My favourite find of last year, he truly is a legend.
Anouk – Who’s your momma. She hardly ever disappoints, I think she’s one of the best Dutch artists.
Adele – 19. I love every song on this album! Happy album.
Johnny Cash – The essential Johnny Cash. A boy named Sue is one of the most fun songs written, ever.

One Response to “The fastest cat in the world + playlist”

  1. shussmallworld Says:

    Speedykitty is precious! And your words+pictures are the perfect illustration of the experience. How cool that she is so friendly even if it is at warp speed!

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