Extreme case of ‘the ignorings’

Whenever I see a cat sitting behind a window, I try to get his or her attention. This usually results in high degrees of being ignored. It had been a while, but recently I saw a cat that made ignoring an art. Unfortunately, I only have two pictures to prove it, but I hope you can feel the disdain creeping upon you from the screen:

“The side of the window is very interesting, much unlike you.”

Don’t see it yet? Here is a close-up:


His ear is cocked my way, so I just know I’m in the peripheral vision. And the most severe case of peripheral, intent, utterly concentrating on ignoring case, you can see after the jump.


I know, it’s harsh, don’t take it personal! Nippon still loves you:


2 Responses to “Extreme case of ‘the ignorings’”

  1. shussmallworld Says:

    Oh, you have captured that high, fine art of the kitties! Excellent photos — and even more excellent perception of the disdain. Not all humans are capable of grasping the message of superiority kitties would have us realize. 🙂

    One of my kitties (think more shy than disdain, but I could be missing the point) firmly believes that if she closes her eyes she becomes invisible (all 15 pounds). It works for her!

    Thank goodness for Nippon!

  2. catsnstuff Says:

    Thanks! One of the reasons I love cats is that they can look at you (or not mostly) with such air. I would really like to see your cat, especially when she thinks she’s invible :D.

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