First LOLcat + anniversary

I’m getting to a point with Catsnstuff where I don’t know if I have posted some pictures before or not, so bear with me (yes GH). These are from 2006 (!) and I recently found them again on an old memory stick. At any rate, they are worth reposting, and in case I have, I created a LOLcat out of one of the pics to make it more interesting. Or not. Anyway, here we go!

“Please, you call that petting!?”

Total dissaproval
“I object!”

The picture after the jump always cracks me up, and I can’t really explain why. Judge for yourselves!

Wazigste blik ooit
“Well, don’t judge me, I’m just a kitteh!”

And this, I made into a LOL,  because it reminded me of good ol’ ceiling cat.

For all you pop/lol culture barbarians, here’s the original!

And if you ever want to Babelfish you’re poetic words in LOLspeak, check out the LOLcat translater. Or should I say: AN IF U EVR WANTS 2 BABELFISH URE POETIC WERDZ IN LOLSPEAK, CHECK OUT TEH LOLCAT TRANZLATR.


Totally unrelated, but today me and my boyfriend are together for seven years! Check out the hand in the pictures above, that’s him. How many ladies can claim to be dating ceiling man? I’m a lucky lady! Love you sweety!


One Response to “First LOLcat + anniversary”

  1. shussmallworld Says:

    Wow, I’m impressed and awed on so many different levels! A cat who can communicate to one’s mind just with his cute expressions, a LOL cat, AND Ceiling Man!!!! You are too much! Happy Anniversary (1) and Happy Anniversary (7)!

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