Contender for the fastest cat in the world

Hi, I’m Catsnstuff. You may remember me from such posts as The fastest cat in the world and Dweezil freezes cat. No, this not just an attempt to bring Troy McClure (RIP Phil Hartman) back to memory, but also to remind you of the The fastest cat in the world post. That’s because I think I found her long lost brother. I tried very hard to get an unfuzzy shot of him, and I couldn’t quite manage it:

“Hi peepz, I’ll literally be over in just a sec!”

“Must turn fast!”

“Scratch fast fast fast!”

“I dissaprove fast as well”

And now, the only non-blurred pictures. This may sound like they are any good, but think again:

Cat me if you can

And finally, the very dissapointing:

Just kidding, have you ever seen such an uncomfortable cat from the back? Neither have I! That’s why I consider this series of fuzzy pics a small victory. Coming up: one of my favourite pics of Nippon in highres, something to look forward to. I promise!


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