Petting zoo

I’m back! I really did not feel like writing the last couple weeks, because I was a bit stressed out. I applied for a Master that I really wanted to do, and I was about to hear if I was accepted or not. I just had no idea if it would all work out, but now I do! Hooraaaay! I’m going back to school in September, it’s for real now. I just can’t tell you how exited I am, to finally be on the path I wanted to follow for so long.

Anyway, enough about me, more about the petting zoo I went to recently (nice transition no?). It’s a nice place, pretty close to my house with loads of different animals. Unfortunately my camera wasn’t too cooperative when I went, so my guinea pig pics and goat portrait didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted them to. I can only offer you some birds and a cow, but they’re still nice.

If anyone can help me with the name of these birds, please do:

For the birds birds

I think they are zebra finches, but I’m not sure. The sounded a lot like the nasty little fluffballs from one of the best Pixar shorts, For the Birds (official site here). And they look like them too, sitting all next to each other gossiping away. Check out the second one from the right, he is so up to something and the most right one doesn’t even know it yet. Think I’m nuts? Check out the screenshot from the video below:

Same devious look no?

And now, one of the most relaxed cows in the world.


Hey miss cow, over here!

Mooh zegt u?

Could you look any more relaxed and impervious to the world around you?


Wow, I guess you can! Ok, let me tell you a joke. What goes oo oooo oooo?

Does not compute

A cow with no lips!


Sorry about that joke, but the cow liked it so much, I just had to publish it. Coming up: more kitties!

4 Responses to “Petting zoo”

  1. shussmallworld Says:

    OOO, Pearl has tagged Nippon with a meme (sorry it is at the end of the long Fried Day post on our blog).

  2. shussmallworld Says:

    Ahhh, great photos! I feel like I’m at the P.Zoo with you! Thanks so much for sharing and making me SMILE.

    Can’t wait to hear more about your grad school. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! That is awesome!


  3. boneangel Says:

    Those are, in fact, Zebra Finches.

    They do make a terrible racket when there are more males than females (I used to breed them) so to make them happier (and quieter) birdies, seperate them, two females to a male in different cages at different parts of the house.

    As with most bird species, the female is the more drab (and sometimes because of that, prettier) of the species. The males have bright orange cheeks, and the distinctive black-and-white stripes on their “vest” feathers which give them their name. If you listen to one male at a time, their song can be quite pretty.

    If you don’t mind the racket (The females base whom they will choose to breed with on how many notes they can sing at once. No lie, the more complicated the song, the more the girls will like your boys.) they make very communal birds. Fights among the males usually involve shouting, puffing up, and wing flapping. It is rare they’ll injure each other.

    They are compulsive nest-builders, compulsive parenters and will breed like nuts if you’re not careful. They’re a desert bird which can handle shifts in temperatures and going periods without fresh water. Don’t test it, dead birds are sad birds.

    They’re excellent parents, though, you’ll almost never hear about a female zebra rejecting her offspring. In fact, people who breed the much more colorful and expensive breeds of finch will also usually keep a male and female Zebra in the same cage as the mother finch just to pick up her slack. They will feed anything that looks like a hungry baby bird and are very, very social and mix well with other birds. Try mixing them with Spice Finches (also very pretty).

    They LOVE millet. 😀

  4. catsnstuff Says:

    Hi there!

    Thanks for clearing up the zebra finch questions (and then some!) :D. My dad used to have them when we was younger, and he still likes them a lot. They sound like awesome birds!

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