Nippon smells the roses

As I told you earlier, Nippon has had quite a career as a flower smeller. That is to say, she spent an afternoon being mesmerised by a bouquet. I made countless pictures, and I am glad I did, since Nippon treated me to her many, many facial expressions. So here we go!

The first presentation of the flowers:

What the hell are those!
Intrigued cat is…intrigued

At first, she seemed to be more interested in the wrapping plastic and ribbon:

“I love ribbons! Sounds kind of like Nippon!”

But then it was time for flower inspection:


After that, she first seemed very dissapointed with the whole flower arrangement (omg).

Disappointment central
“All this smelling, and not even a good buzz. What a bummer.”

Die kop is zo goud!
“Wait, I’m starting to feel something.”

Yes indeed, she started to feel something. I don’t know if the flowers had anything to do with it, but the pictures that follow really show Nippon’s comedic potential.


I'll be trippin'

She seemed so happy, I’m definitely bringing flowers in again, just to see if she reacts the same way.


So, this is my last cat post for a little while I guess. I’m flying off to Australia and Fiji tomorrow (woehoehoe!) and I’ll be using Catsnstuff to blog about my trip the next seven weeks. But you know me, I’ll squeeze a kitty in there somewhere, somehow!

One Response to “Nippon smells the roses”

  1. shussmallworld Says:

    I love Nippon! What a wonderful, wonderful kitty!


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