Catsnstuff Down Under – 2: Melbourne

Hi everyone, it’s time for part two of my big trip. I spent the last week or so in Melbourne, and I have to say that I was really looking forward to it, but my first impressions of the city many say has such a nice open, European vibe were not too good. The busride from Sydney took twelve hourse and I arrived realy early, at 6:00 in the morning and had a hard time finding my way around the city and to my hostel. I eventually took the wrong train and decided just to walk to my hostel from there, even if it was quite far away. I arrived tired and looking a tad dishevelled and all I wanted was a bed. But they would not let me in my room and asked me very disinterested to just wait some hours. The atmosphere was really cold and rude, so I decided to check out the hostel my mom’s friend Kirsten recommended. don’t ask why I didn’t do that in the first place, that was quite stupid ;).

So I arrived at the hostel, which is an old Nunnery and the place was just AMAZING! A beautiful house filled with paintings an cosy rooms and a communal area with a fireplace. O, and a cat, named Brother Francis. Want to see him? Then…

O brother where art thou
The good life


So, I went back to the first hostel to pick up my backpack (Brother Francis really convinced me) and told them I did not want to stay with them. They asked why, and I said: “Because I don’t like it here.” That felt really good. Back in the Nunnery all I did the rest of the day was talk, pet Brother Francis and sit around the fireplace.

The next day I went to the HUGE Queen Victoria market to get groceries to make a good ol’ Dutch hutspot. The weather was so cold and drab in Melbourne that I really needed the harty winter food from back home. Since my cold would not go away I was really tired and again, did nothing the rest of the day except chilling and resting. Next day I was off to the Botanical Gardens. If you remember my last post, I showed you a sign of the Gardens in Sydney inviting you to hug trees, walk on the grass and talk to the birds. In Melbourne, that’s not how they roll:

They are not illogical rules, but this kind of describes the difference between Sydney and Melbourne for me. that being said, I did love this pimped ride of a Garden employee:

Fat Joe don't even fit in this car

Monday was free soup night at the Nunnery, so I pigged out on that and played Mens Erger Je Niet (Ludo) all night with my roommate. It’s a horribly boring game, but somehow I had a great time playing it. The day after, I got into contact with Vera and Merel’s friend Claire. She was nice enough to have me stay at her parents place and entertain me for the rest of my time in Melbourne. Even though I regretted leaving my lovely hostel, I was glad to have my own bed, because I kept getting sicker. I did putter around Chinatown for a little while, which was really nice (had the biggest bowl of soup ever). A couple days later I had dumplings in Chinatown with Claire and her friend Brody, which were also delicious. Long live Chinatowns everywhere!

And I enjoyed the Melbourne architecture a bit more:

I really enjoyed staying with Claire and her lovely relatives Rosie and Kev. They were all so nice to me, even when I walked around with my increasing zombie-looking eye. I decided to go to the hospital, where I found out I had Pink Eye of Conjunctivitus. It’s not really a horrible thing, but it’s highly contagious and looks real freaky. Check out my Flickr account for the zombie-eye pictures.

I don’t have time to upload my other pictures of Melbourne just now, so you’ll just have to take my word for the next accounts ;). I went to the Luna Park in Melbourne, where the entrance had an even scarier clown-mouth entrance than in Sydney. Horrorlicious! After that, Claire and I went out to lunch and then to the Game On exhibition, about the history of video games. You could play all kinds of games on original machines. I played: Pong, Prince of Persia, Bubble Bobble, Fighting Street (no, not Street Fighter, even though I couldn’t really see the difference) and Wii Sports. Such a good time! Then I had my last dinner with Claire, Rosie, Kev and grandpa Gilbert.

The last day me and Claire and Gilbert went to the South Melbourne market, and then Claire took me to the airport (thanks Claire!). When I arrived in Perth, I was just in time to catch the ‘normal’ bus to the city, instead of the expensive shuttle. Which is good, since my budget is shrinking very fast. But that’s because I booked tons of cool tours!

Tomorrow, I’m off to the south of Western Australia for three days, and after that it’s up to the north for four days to see dolphins (I hope) and stromatolites (organisms that are an example of the earliest record of life on earth). After that, I’m off to Alice Springs, from where I’ll tour with a 4WD to Uluru and then down to Adelaide. I guess I won’t be blogging much because of all the tours and chilling out and stuff :-P. I’ll do my best though! Love you all. Kiss, Lotte

One Response to “Catsnstuff Down Under – 2: Melbourne”

  1. shussmallworld Says:

    Ah, another wonderful post — again I felt I was right there enjoying the trip with you. As you said, we didn’t enjoy Melbourne so much, did we, except for Brother Francis. What a cool kitty, and properly attired in the right colors for the Nunnery!

    Hope your eyes are doing much better. Can’t wait to cruise around Perth and environs with you!

    Waiting eagerly,

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