No such thing as too much Mimi

For all you cat lovers out there, finally a real kitty post on here for the first time in months! And what a way to start it off really, with tons of pictures of Mimi. The best thing is that it shows all her different faces. Let’s start with the ‘ignoring’ pictures shall we!

“I’m so not seeing you, it’s not even funny.”


“Ah, that’s better. Back to full ignore mode”

But after a while, she got tired of not looking at me and went for the confrontation. I would like to call this look the “Get off my back”:

The “Are you KIDDING me”:

And finally, the “Git outta my face or I’mma get in yourz!”

To release some of the frustrating and anger I caused, Mimi played a little with a toy on a stick. And when I say play, I mean attacked and totally ripped apart.

“Nom nom nom”

The last picture in this series is an instant classic. You won’t regret that you stuck with me through this post!

Look at that ponum!

All right, I’m back! Next post might be about Fiji, or about Nippon drinking MY water. Stay tuned…

6 Responses to “No such thing as too much Mimi”

  1. menni Says:

    Mimi is honored! And very busy spying on the neighbours right now, so more classic pictures coming up.

  2. shussmallworld Says:

    SO very cute!!!!!!

    Isn’t it funny how some kitties like, or at least don’t mind, having their pix taken, and others, like Mim or my MaryBabyMary, just DON’T!!!

    What a great cat post!


  3. olddigger Says:

    I just love your pictures, cats have a mind of their own and my cat use to go hide when I tried to take her picture, very independent, my husband says women are like cats.

  4. catsnstuff Says:

    Thanks you guys! And olddigger: we are like cats ;).

  5. olddigger Says:

    This cat is just to cute, he did look like he was getting serious when you were in his face, I miss my cat she passed on a year ago, and is waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge just this side of Heaven, I know I posted before, just coming by to say Hi

  6. catsnstuff Says:

    Hi olddigger. I’ll say hi back to you. It’s very hard losing a pet, I still think about my pet rabbit a lot that dies in my arms. But because he was such a joy to have around, it doesn’t make me sad, just happy that I was lucky enough to ‘meet’ him.
    Are you thinking about getting a another cat?

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