New cat-egory: Cats on balconies

The motto here at Cats ‘n stuff is: three times a charm. Well, when it comes to categories it is. I posted two entries before featuring cats sitting on balconies, and when me and my boyfriend caught another one in the act, I thought it was time for more tagging fun. Because I’m a huge nerd. And even better, the cat was ignoring me like there was no tomorrow!

“Eyes wide open, almost bulging, but so not seeing you.”

“Still not interested.”

I love the last semi-ignoring look. The well known ‘semlling-an-object-but-staring-at-you-anyway’ look to be specific. Well played kitteh!

3 Responses to “New cat-egory: Cats on balconies”

  1. shussmallworld Says:

    Ah, so cool! πŸ™‚ Makes me wish I lived where there were balconies (or cats looking out windows).

    I recently put together a ‘structure’ Chick brought home to me in a flat box for my kitties. It makes a cat ‘apparatus’ with different levels of flat places and holes to crawls through and climb up on and watch. It’s made of PVC piping, plastic joints, pink nylon, and black netting. Then I had to squeeze it through 2 doors to get it in our room, and the tribe proceeded to ignore it (as your shots of kitties ignoring you reminded me of). I tried putting them in it, on it, around it. Nope. IGNORE. Then last night I put a small dish with some dried food up in the top cubby so that Bird could have something else to eat besides noms (because although shiny and energetic, he has gotten terribly, bony skinny without the ‘junk food’) — and I knew the blue cats could not climb up there. Suddenly, as of today, I’ve got kitties hanging out on every level. Even Pearl, who does not like to lift her feet off the ground, was suddenly enjoying deep napping on the 2nd tier flat space. It LOOKED like kitties on balconies πŸ™‚ Wish I’d had a camera!


  2. olddigger Says:

    Hi just to say this cat is cute, did he ever jump off, just wondering.

  3. catsnstuff Says:

    Oldigger: no jump off yet, but I’m very patient!

    Shu: That thing sounds amazing. Why on earth don’t you have a camera, the government should provide you with one, just for those all-important occasions!

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