Mixed kitty bag

I just found some random cat stuff today that I wanted to share. First up, a video fourfour‘s Rich made about the CFA-IAMS Cat Championship. Great insight in what hardcore cat lovers think of cats and themselves:

The original post can be found on Jezebel.

A great cat stat by xkcd. So true!

And if you want to know if you are crazy, the answer lies behind the jump.

Original here.

I’m not crazy yet! But that day will come, oh yes…

One Response to “Mixed kitty bag”

  1. adorablay Says:

    Marvelous! Love it! Oh, I am back by the way. Apparently… me being lazy with the blogging made my site more popular then ever. I can’t wait to catch up on all that you have posted and will post. I am glad you are still blogging though… at least one of us was.

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