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A star is born

November 23, 2008

Yes, my trusted readers, all three of you, there is a new Cats ‘n Stuff star. After Nippon, Roefes, Mimi and Arie & Bernard, I can now proudly present a soon-to-be recurring guest: Emi. She is the cat of my friend over at De Splinter (Dutch only unfortunately) and the is a-doooo-rable! A sort of tortoiseshell / calico / caliby kitty with the best temper ever. She was sleeping and purring on my lap in no time.

Don’t let the laser eyes fool you!


Restaurant kitteh

November 15, 2008

A little while ago, I went to a great vegetarian restaurant in my neighbourhood. They have a cat there that basically does nothing except chilling out on a couch next to my favourite table. Is it a coincidence that my favourite table is close to a cat? You decide! Anyway, this cat is the least responsive most ignoring-est cat I’ve ever seen, and you know by now I’ve seen my fair share. The evidence can be found below…

He kitty, what’s up!

Let me pet you, that’ll make you connect with me.

Ok, washing my smell out, sheesh, you don’t have to be so obvious about it…


Getting a laptop call

November 14, 2008

So today I was studying and my mobile rang. It was a friend of my mother’s who is not the most up-to-date-technical person in the world. When I answered the phone she blurted out: “I bought a laptop!”. “That’s great,” I said, “What are you planning on doing with it?”

“Well,” she said, “I would like to use the internet and burn Cd’s.” A mighty good goal indeed.
I asked her how far along she was coming with those bold plans.
“There are so many discs that came with it, I don’t know where to put them.”
I paused for a second, and then asked her: “You mean Cd’s?”
“Yeah, but where do I store them in the laptop?”
“I think I should come over to sort things out, so I can at least install a programme so you can burn Cd’s.”
“That’s so nice of you, but how can I burn Cd’s without internet?”

Clearly, I have my work cut out for me tomorrow…

Box envy

November 4, 2008

If I have written about this before, excusez-moi, but I have so many posts now and a huge backlog that makes it hard to keep track. It’s still worth it though, so don’t stop reading. As many cat lovers will know, felines have a huge attraction to boxes. On a scale of one to five I would say a good measurement of cat’s interest rate is:

1: New, shiny toy you spent quite some money on
2: Older toy you thought they would never play with again
3: Whatever you’re reading / using that they can lie on
4: Plastic bags and other random trash
5: Cardboard boxes (extra points if they smell and have holes in them).

Point proven on Cute Overload a long time ago:

And now: cardboard theory proven by Arie and Bernard!