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Getting a laptop call

November 14, 2008

So today I was studying and my mobile rang. It was a friend of my mother’s who is not the most up-to-date-technical person in the world. When I answered the phone she blurted out: “I bought a laptop!”. “That’s great,” I said, “What are you planning on doing with it?”

“Well,” she said, “I would like to use the internet and burn Cd’s.” A mighty good goal indeed.
I asked her how far along she was coming with those bold plans.
“There are so many discs that came with it, I don’t know where to put them.”
I paused for a second, and then asked her: “You mean Cd’s?”
“Yeah, but where do I store them in the laptop?”
“I think I should come over to sort things out, so I can at least install a programme so you can burn Cd’s.”
“That’s so nice of you, but how can I burn Cd’s without internet?”

Clearly, I have my work cut out for me tomorrow…