A star is born

Yes, my trusted readers, all three of you, there is a new Cats ‘n Stuff star. After Nippon, Roefes, Mimi and Arie & Bernard, I can now proudly present a soon-to-be recurring guest: Emi. She is the cat of my friend over at De Splinter (Dutch only unfortunately) and the is a-doooo-rable! A sort of tortoiseshell / calico / caliby kitty with the best temper ever. She was sleeping and purring on my lap in no time.

Don’t let the laser eyes fool you!

Eyes of love:

Although she is obvs as cute as can be, she is already becoming an quite good at ignoring humans:

In other words, she’s almost ready to be a full-grown cat. Keep that ignoring up Emi, and you will have a great career here at Cats ‘n Stuff headquarters…

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