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The many faces of Arie

January 6, 2009

A long time ago, I made a post called The Many faces of Roefes. Now, I’m not sure if I’ll make this into a recurring item, but the last photos that I made with Arie are too good to withhold. He shows great versatility in his facial expressions, and here at Cats ‘n Stuff headquarters, we would like to command Arie for his contribution to this noble craft. And when I say ‘here at Cats ‘n Stuff headquarters’, I of course mean silly old me typing this inane post whilst listening to music and drinking a cup of tea.

Face 1: resignation

“All right lady, just this once!”

Face 2: contempt

Face 3: The death-ray eye staredown

“You see those hind paws. They are so ready for action.”

Luckily, Arie is the most chilled cat, so even after all the manhandling, he was having a great time. Happy Aar faces after the jump