Happy anniversary to meeeeeeee…

There we go! Two years of Cats ‘n Stuff. And they said we would never make it… At least, that’s what I said in the very first post. Shows you how much I know. The most traffic I get on this site it because of all the posts I did on Invisible Stuff  ‘n Cats. Because I thought it was too easy to keep doing that, and because the lovely peeps over at Cheezburger deal with this much better than me, I will never make a post like that again.

However, it is certainly now below me to follow up my second most-visited post: Life-like stuffed Maine Coon cats. I made that one because the website Stuffed Ark sold some real stinkers, and they continue to do so. Also, until this last sentence, I always thought that the website was called Stuffe Dark. Again, shows you how much I know and how my malfunctioning brain works. I mean, Stuffe Dark, really? I guess it’s an honest mistake, because these ugly stuffed cats really haunt the dark depths of my subconscience. Ok, ready for some ‘Stuffe Dark’ cats?

First up, the Folkmanis Fluffy Cat.

Wow, he looks so lovable, and life-like! I really hope the tin of smelly sardines comes with this adorable creature. It may seem it’s channeling Jabba the Hutt, but if you look past that, he’s really not all that bad.

Next up, the less revolting, but also 7 x more expensive, the Stuffed Plush Black and White Maine Coon Tomcat.

Who wouldn’t pay $ 195.50 in this ailing economy for a stuffed animal with a crooked nose and spindly hairs. I know I will!

Or how about the Stuffed Plush Chinchilla Persian Cat? It has what a blind and loving mother would call ‘character’.

It’s not as terrible looking as Jabba over there, but $ 204.50? You know, that’s my biggest problem with the whole thing. Some stuffed animals over at Stuffed Ark are not very ugly, but insanely expensive. They do have some animals under $ 20 that I indeed would like to have:

Stuffed Plush Horseshoe Crab

Stuffed Plush Armadillos

But still, most of the stuffed creatures on their ark should be named like this one right here:


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