Bobcat butts

Why hello there! It has been a while since I posted, time does fly when you’re studying and socializing with friends and so on. But I never forget you, lovely readers, because you’re all pretty and smell nice. So, I promise to give you at least three posts this week. This is easy, because some lovely people have provided me with kick-ass pictures of their own, of bobcats and owls. And isn’t that what Cats ‘n Stuff is all about? Also, I will be cat-sitting Roefes the coming two weeks, so those posts basically write themselves.

So, are you ready for some Bobcat action? Good. And beware, those naughty bobcats love to show their butts.

It appears this hungry bobkitty is scraping roadkill from the asphalt for snack-purposes. He’s got to work on his hustle, because that’s not a way to make a living.

There you go, a good shot of a bobcat booty. If that would appear in Naughty Felines Monthly that would mean no longer scraping food of a road, but being served chicken wings on a silver platter by a sexy minx. Or rather lynx. Or Manx.

Whoa. I mean, ok, umm, it’s just a small step from sexy magazines to full-blown adult entertainment I guess. But we here at Cats ‘n Stuff are not here to judge, so if there are more bobcat buns out there, they will be posted. Short tails are hot!

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