I Love to Hate You

No, not you my lovely reader(s), you are all pretty and divine. But sometimes, when you are angry at something or someone you just want to lash out. But I think the best strategy is to find love within you and erase the hate. But while you’re working on that (because we’re not all Dalai Lama-esque), I suggest to love the hate! And you know who does that best? Boone! My new crush object in the kitty world.

Boone is Julie’s cat, who came up with the brilliant Kitty Wigs. And also the wonderful kits from Subversive Cross Stitch. Really, get some, I’m thinking of treating myself to this gem:

It’s good hate sometimes, beeyatch! And to prove that some mental aggression can be fantastically funny, I present to you, Boone, after the jump.

Ooohhh, there’s more Boone out there, find it for yourselves, or just hop around every once in while here, because I’ll be posting it here too!

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