Owly scowls or: scowly owls

The reason I love owls almost as much as cats is because they do not approve of humans either. A lovely person who is also a great photographer has captured this attitude very well. Are you prepared to be scowled at by owls? I know I am!

“You’re learning to dissaprove already my son. Keep it up.”

“Get off my lawn!”

I suspect owls of preferring to sit up high just so they can look down on us. For your enjoyment, I have made some close-ups of these disapproving birdies:

Can you feel it! You’ve just been (sc)owled.

2 Responses to “Owly scowls or: scowly owls”

  1. unknowntheartist Says:

    Oh, I love owls almost as much as I love cats. That’s a heck of a lot! how funny does the super curly owl look? he must be scowling ‘cos of his hair, hahaha 😀

  2. catsnstuff Says:

    There is definitely a connection between owls and cats. I think it their major attitude ;). Super curly owl is the best!

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