The definition of Spring

Spring has arrived in The Netherlands! The sun has been shining for over a week, and when the first ray hit the city, the whole of Amsterdam poored out, got into their boats, sat on benches and picknicked and generally got around 165 % friendlier. Sure, today will probably one of those rainy days, but the last week was fabulous.

On all my biking trips I did with this glorious weather, I saw lambs. Now, nothing means Spring to me if not a whole flock of lambs being totally adorable and running around. Another Sping must is people playing football in the streets and in the parks here. Well, what happens if you give lambs a football? This!

Disclaimer: cuteness may cause severe redardation in speech, such as ZOMG!1!!!1 *squeeeeeel* THAT’S ADORABLE, AWWWW *head explosion*

Thanks Tom!

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