Petting zoo kitteh

I went to a petting zoo in Amsterdam recently with one of my friends. Now, for those of you who don’t speak Dutch, we call a petting zoo a ‘kinderboerderij’ or children’s farm. Soylent green anyone? Just so you know, I will not be deterred by the implication that petting zoos should only be visited by children or children and their parents / caretakers. So there we were, in all our finery, prancing around the petting zoo. Side note: do not wear semi-high heels to petting zoos. What was I thinking?

Anyzoo, to my surprise there was also a live-in cat at the petting zoo. And it was a splendid specimen indeed, with just the right mix of adorableness and aloofness.

Well played kitteh. The pensive side-glance that indicates you’re not aware of the hooman trying to attract your attention.

Again, nice job! I am also digging the socks you’ve got there.

Resistance is futile. You must be petted!

That last picture is one of my faves of the year. Cute and soooo over it at the same time. See you soon petting zoo kitteh!

I also made a huge amount of goat pictures when I was there. Hopefully I’ll find the time to post them soon, because as some of you may know, goats equal hilarity and delicious cheese. Plus I have an obsession with goats milk, so they will get their very own tag on Cats ‘n Stuff. Sneak preview!

As Tyra would say: Fierce!

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