Introducing James and Dude

I had the good fortune to be asked to cat-sit two lovely kitties, James and Dude, the past four days. I am sure they will be making more regular appearances on Cats ‘n Stuff.

This is James:

I was told James was the smarter of the two. James has proven to me that intelligence is a relative concept indeed.

This is Dude:

I have found that they love to stare at me a lot, as you can already see above. More proof?

Often they would make little ‘prrr’ sounds and walk up to me and just stare. Honestly, the first five times I checked my face in the mirror, just in case I might have turned into a lion, or a clown, or a giant can of cat food.

But no, I think they did it just to psyche me out.

“You’re guilty!”

James is seriously guilt-tripping here. I feel like confessing to that one time lied to a teacher, saying I didn’t shoot off that spitball. All right, I did it, now happy?!I am so sorry…

AAAAHHH! Man, Dude was supposed to be a shy cat, but I did not really notice that. He got in my face like a true professional.

And last but not least, my favourite picture of all the 50+ ones I made:

Go on, make your own LOLcat out of that last one. You know you want to baby…

4 Responses to “Introducing James and Dude”

  1. Escribidora Says:

    n.n They’re lovely!

  2. catsnstuff Says:

    Yes they are! Supersweet and cuddly. Next time, I will take them home to have them all for myself ;).

  3. plakvisje Says:

    in your dreams you will!
    but they are supersweet and cuddly, you got that right!
    and on their way to fame…

  4. catsnstuff Says:

    Hihi. I will try my best, there will definitely be more posts!

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