Totally random

I have left you in the dark for so long, and what do you get? Random pictures. Hey, life is not fair, and sometimes I feel more like posting stuff than cats. The good news is I finally got out of my house after a month of thesis writing and a hermit-like lifestyle and got to take some nice kitty pictures. They will follow later.

Summer has arrived in The Netherlands, and with it came an impressive thunderstorm that kept me up all night a few weeks ago. It was as if a civil war had broken out and actual cannons were fired next to my window. In the dead of night, Amsterdam was lit.

Also, as I was trying to take a picture of an actual lighting bolt I gained a new-found respect for photographers. I must have snapped at least 50+ pictures, and all I got was this:

And finally two pics from my ‘hood:

And this is one of my favourites of the year. Leave your captions!

“You going’ down old coot!”

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