The Oscar for best ignoring performance goes to…

Here in this little corner of the interwebs, we love cats that ignore people. Why, we even created a special tag for it. And creating a tag totally means it’s law!

One of my most beloved neighbourhood cats is the true king of ignoring. Mad props to him.

Great posture, passive-aggressive while still remaining the relaxed ‘paw-tuck’ move. Very impressive! Also, notice the ears, they are pointed backward, which always gains one double points.

Excellent! Paws still firmly tucked, but the eyes have changed into the more direct closing mode, really bringing the ignoring to a new height. Also notice the ‘bish plz’ attitude of the mouth.

And now…the move that won him the Oscar:

You know why? Because this is the closest a cat can come to ignoring someone before engaging in eye contact. The camera is a mere 2 inches from his face, and still he remains the paw-tuck and a blatantly rude side-stare. Amaaaazing!

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