Billie is so GIF-able

I have often professed my love for animated GIFs on this blog, and recently I got to thinking about just why I find them so adorable and amazing. The thing is that they are short and sweet and have no sound, so the focus is purely on the visuals. Often, you do know the sound that goes with the visuals, or it’s just a classic case of awesomeness, encapsulated in grainy imagery.

Case in point:

Also GIFs can help you make yourself loved on internet fora, or even prove certain points. Bottom line is, lumping together a series of pictures to create something funny and / or creative seems deceptively simple. But as always, the simplest ideas or technologies feed creativity IMHO.

Par example, a GIF that was made after the Bush shoe throwing incident:

More where that came from here.

Anyway, this frazzled and somewhat random analysis of why GIFs kick ass is all in honour of my latest creation. Curious?

It’s Billie! Seen first long ago in 2007, one might even say too long ago. Sorry kitteh. Even though this GIF really made me laugh, there are still two elements that need extra attention in that series of amazingness:

What’s your favourite GIF?

2 Responses to “Billie is so GIF-able”

  1. Escribidora Says:

    A few days ago I saw another version of this GIF, the one with Bush, I mean.
    The guy threw a pokeball at him XD

    I love Billie’s face, he looks so curious about you XD …

    Greetings 😉

  2. catsnstuff Says:

    Yes, the Pokeball one is great too! :D.

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