A perfect plan, if you’re not me

This is me today:

Well, I’m a Miss, but still it’s fairly accurate.

Today I had a lovely day at work, getting stuff done and then having a drink with colleagues afterwards. But when it was time for me to go home and enjoy my weekend, I could not find my bike keys anywhere. Truly puzzled, I looked everywhere for them, but I could not for the life of me figure out what the hell I had done with them. You see, it takes about five steps to get from the place where I locked my bike to my desk. Where oh where could they be? I complained to my colleagues about losing the keys, asked others if they had seen them and approached complete strangers with the question if they had found some keys. But nothing turned up, so I decided to just walk home and deal with it later.

When I came home, a small mountain of stuff caught my eye, presents for my mom. You see, my mom has left for Fiji for four months, but since her birthday is in October, I decided to send a package with gifts one of these days so it will get there in time. It’s always difficult to find a good box to send stuff in, so when I found a perfect one at work, I decided to take it home today, so I could send the presents along tomorrow. (By the way, she doesn’t read this blog too often, so no surprise spoilers (I hope)).

But, I am extremely forgetful at times, so what I decided to do this morning was to PUT MY BIKE KEYS IN THE BOX. You see, it was a perfect plan. I mean, if I forget the box, I will immediately figure out I have forgotten it when I get to my bike and can’t find my keys. Perfect! If you don’t have the brain of a fairly intelligent goldfish that is. Remind me not to hatch any other perfect plans any time soon…

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