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Bernard thinks you’re full of it

August 17, 2009

Do you sometimes get the feeling your cat thinks you’re totally full of it? That they just do not take you seriously? If your answer is: “All the time”, you are correct. The look in their eyes just screams: “You might think your species is the highest form of intelligence on earth, but you’ve still managed to put on two different socks today. I however, do absolutely nothing but sleep and eat and play, and you cater to my every need, so who’s the dumb-ass now?” All right, maybe I am reading too much into this, but anyway, Bernard really does have a wide range of expressions to make his feelings known to me:



The “you don’t say”

And finally, the “just give up already”:

I guess….well….I’ll just clean out the litter box and then fetch your dinner Ber…

Uncanny feeling

January 28, 2009

Do you ever get the feeling that somebody is watching you, but you can’t really see anything? This happened to Bernard the other day, check it out:

I love how I look totally relaxed and Bernard is still unsure as to what is happening behind his back, but instinctively knows it’s not something good. You know, I could feel bad for him, but since he is quite a little terror, it’s ok :D.

The many faces of Arie

January 6, 2009

A long time ago, I made a post called The Many faces of Roefes. Now, I’m not sure if I’ll make this into a recurring item, but the last photos that I made with Arie are too good to withhold. He shows great versatility in his facial expressions, and here at Cats ‘n Stuff headquarters, we would like to command Arie for his contribution to this noble craft. And when I say ‘here at Cats ‘n Stuff headquarters’, I of course mean silly old me typing this inane post whilst listening to music and drinking a cup of tea.

Face 1: resignation

“All right lady, just this once!”

Face 2: contempt

Face 3: The death-ray eye staredown

“You see those hind paws. They are so ready for action.”

Luckily, Arie is the most chilled cat, so even after all the manhandling, he was having a great time. Happy Aar faces after the jump


Box envy

November 4, 2008

If I have written about this before, excusez-moi, but I have so many posts now and a huge backlog that makes it hard to keep track. It’s still worth it though, so don’t stop reading. As many cat lovers will know, felines have a huge attraction to boxes. On a scale of one to five I would say a good measurement of cat’s interest rate is:

1: New, shiny toy you spent quite some money on
2: Older toy you thought they would never play with again
3: Whatever you’re reading / using that they can lie on
4: Plastic bags and other random trash
5: Cardboard boxes (extra points if they smell and have holes in them).

Point proven on Cute Overload a long time ago:

And now: cardboard theory proven by Arie and Bernard!

Arie-mated gifs

May 20, 2008

Arie is perfect material for making animated gifs. Why you ask? Because he is too lazy to move more than ten minutes every day. This means he sits still most of the time. So I thought it would be a good idea to turn Arie’s hobby into animated gifs. You know, to give the appearance that he does move a little bit.

Het oor van Aar

Some normal pics of Arie after the jump!


A strange tail

February 10, 2008

Bernard, a cat I blogged about quite a few times before, has some peculiar preferences. For instance, he love to indulge in staring contests that creep out even the most cold-blooded individuals. He also love to put his paws on his tail. When he sits downs, he curls his tail next to his body (normal), but then proceeds to carefully put his feet on his tail. I don’t now of any other cat that does that.


Pillow talk with Arie

February 4, 2008

 Hey, I think I see Arie there on the couch. Let’s check out how he’s doing.

Van Snoozenstijn 

So Arie, how are you doing? It looks like you have four pillows on your back.

Ik merk niets joh

Um, Aar?

Happy dreams

Ok, you seem very happy sleeping while being covered with several feet of fluff.

Finally awake. Surely now you must be sick of the pillows.


Nice balancing act Aar.

Is that a smile?
“Mwoehaha izz my pillowz”

If you want to see the most evil close-up of Arie to date, click below. But beware…it might hurt the eyes.


Arie does Zen … or zzz

October 21, 2007

Arie is by far the happiest cat that I know. He only sleeps, eats and gets cuddled and is hardly ever cranky. Even when he is sleeping, or almost sleeping he looks like he has reached a Zen state. Or maybe Zzzzenzzz…., but still, he looks very content indeed.

Zen to tha Z to..tha..Zzzzz
“I’m on your cabinet, catching my Zenzzzz.”

Mish mash of kitties and a chick

September 28, 2007

It’s been a little while since I posted my own cat pictures, and I have made so many that I’m just going to cram some in. Not really coherent, but the diversity and quantity should make up for it a bit.

First of all, the stalker cat is back in town. I hadn’t seen her in a while, but now she’s back to her stalking ways.

Sneakidy stalk
“This stalking thing is really working out, she hasn’t seen me”

Nog nét vreg
“Stalk surprise!”

“Where are you going? O well, I’ll find you soon enough”

This picture of Bernard cracks me up. He always looks like he has never heard that before, or like you’ve just told him that the universe will one day collapse into itself:


I saw this next cat in a lunchroom. She was super-old, and I love that. Most people won’t agree, but I love older cats so much more than kittens. With old age comes character and grumpiness, and I consider that a good thing!

Don't wake me human
“You do realize that you woke me up, don’t you!?”

Shortest whiskers E-VAR!
“You are forgiven”

And finally, a picture of a little chick! I think he has plenty of attitude for something that young. But then again, birds are almost as good as having attitude as cats.

I has The 'Tude

Bernard looks surprised and arrogant

August 30, 2007

One of my favourite cats, Bernard (click on the Arie & Bernard tag to see more of him) can look quite dopey and surpired and extremely cat-like and therefore, arrogant within a timespan of a few minutes.

For example, here are two pictures of him while I’m talking to him: 

Do what now?!
“I took some of them ‘shrooms there yonder. Can you tell?”

“O no he di-hunt!”

I'm so perdy
“You can’t help but fall in love with me when you look in my eyes.”

Player hater
“I’m awesome!”