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Cat ladders and massages

August 20, 2009

People will really do anything for their cats. Today, I found two great but quite random examples.

A blog devoted to cat ladders. Called Cat-Ladder. Go figure. Can anyone say: “Amaaaazing!”?

– A guide to cat massage, via the wonderful Everything is Terrible. Favourite part: “Remember, you can’t fool drool!”.

I think it should be: “You can’t fake drool”,  but I’ll incorporate it into my vocabulary anyway.

Bernard thinks you’re full of it

August 17, 2009

Do you sometimes get the feeling your cat thinks you’re totally full of it? That they just do not take you seriously? If your answer is: “All the time”, you are correct. The look in their eyes just screams: “You might think your species is the highest form of intelligence on earth, but you’ve still managed to put on two different socks today. I however, do absolutely nothing but sleep and eat and play, and you cater to my every need, so who’s the dumb-ass now?” All right, maybe I am reading too much into this, but anyway, Bernard really does have a wide range of expressions to make his feelings known to me:



The “you don’t say”

And finally, the “just give up already”:

I guess….well….I’ll just clean out the litter box and then fetch your dinner Ber…

Billie is so GIF-able

August 15, 2009

I have often professed my love for animated GIFs on this blog, and recently I got to thinking about just why I find them so adorable and amazing. The thing is that they are short and sweet and have no sound, so the focus is purely on the visuals. Often, you do know the sound that goes with the visuals, or it’s just a classic case of awesomeness, encapsulated in grainy imagery.

Case in point:

Also GIFs can help you make yourself loved on internet fora, or even prove certain points. Bottom line is, lumping together a series of pictures to create something funny and / or creative seems deceptively simple. But as always, the simplest ideas or technologies feed creativity IMHO.

Par example, a GIF that was made after the Bush shoe throwing incident:

More where that came from here.

Anyway, this frazzled and somewhat random analysis of why GIFs kick ass is all in honour of my latest creation. Curious?


Hide and seek with Basje

July 27, 2009

Basje, a.k.a. the fastest cat in the world, loves to cuddle with me when I park my bike in the backyard of the flat I live in. When I came in last week, I heard the miauow, but did not see Basje. Then I noticed her on the roof of our bike storage:

And I must say, she does a great job interacting with me, yet ignorning me at the same time. I bow to you Basje, I bow to you…


July 8, 2009

Sometimes, there’s a cat, who is so great that he doesn’t need many words of introduction. No, the picture says enough about his greatness and stature, his most wonderful character. Sometimes, there’s a cat…. Well, I lost my train of thought here.* This is Midas:

The. Best. Yes?

* Bonus points for whoever gets this reference. Yes, it’s easy, but still!

The Oscar for best ignoring performance goes to…

June 28, 2009

Here in this little corner of the interwebs, we love cats that ignore people. Why, we even created a special tag for it. And creating a tag totally means it’s law!

One of my most beloved neighbourhood cats is the true king of ignoring. Mad props to him.

Great posture, passive-aggressive while still remaining the relaxed ‘paw-tuck’ move. Very impressive! Also, notice the ears, they are pointed backward, which always gains one double points.

Excellent! Paws still firmly tucked, but the eyes have changed into the more direct closing mode, really bringing the ignoring to a new height. Also notice the ‘bish plz’ attitude of the mouth.

And now…the move that won him the Oscar:


The scary cat

June 27, 2009

Most cats are awesome, even if they are mean and grumpy. That’s just business as usual, and that’s fine. But some, just some cats, are not nice and even downright scary. No, not scaredy cats, plain scary creepy, gnarly bastards. To wit:

Ok, this is not very bad yet, but don’t overlook that evil grin.

Yes, the true colours are beginning to show. The cocked ear, an evil glint in the eyes and last but certainly not least, the mouth. This really gives away his inner feelings: humans must suffer.

The next picture is not for the faint of heart:


Carrot kitty

June 26, 2009

My digital dad (you know who you are!) and me met in person almost two months ago. And since he knows me so well, he carved me a kitty out of a carrot. Can anyone say: “Amazing!” Of course, I could not bring myself to eat it…

Introducing James and Dude

May 24, 2009

I had the good fortune to be asked to cat-sit two lovely kitties, James and Dude, the past four days. I am sure they will be making more regular appearances on Cats ‘n Stuff.

This is James:

I was told James was the smarter of the two. James has proven to me that intelligence is a relative concept indeed.

This is Dude:

I have found that they love to stare at me a lot, as you can already see above. More proof?


Play him off, keyboard cat

May 16, 2009

I love me a good FAIL video as much as the next person. And I love cats. So the new meme “Play him off, keyboard cat” is something that combines two of my favourite elements: FAILs and cats!

Most of the videos out there that have incorporated keyboard cat (rest his soul) are real classic FAILs, such as:

Glory! And some are unexpected, such as this socially very interesting video of a child telling his parents he has become an atheist:

Thanks internet!