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Feed the Kitty ‘n stuff

February 14, 2007

One of my favourite cartoons is Feed the Kitty by Chuck Jones. He really was a genius and could capture subtle humour and emotions so beautifully. This video always makes me laugh, and cry, and then laugh again! I’m sure a lot of people know it and have seen Feed the Kitty a lot of times, but it doesn’t hurt to mention it. And I don’t just like Feed the Kitty of course, but almost everything Chuck Jones ever made. One Froggy Evening, Duck Amuck, What’s Opera Doc, High Note and The Dot and The Line are classics as well.


Since I don’t have had any cat excursions the last couple days, like the Cat Cabinet or Torre Argentina, I am just posting some cats that I photographed over the last months. I love the pictures, because you can really see the character of each cat:

Humans are strange!

Ain’t I lovable

Scaredy cat


I have read some wonderful books lately. One by a Dutch writes called Marjon van Royen. She wrote a book called The Night of the Scream, about her experiences living in Mexico. Since I have been in Mexico I realized how enormously naive I can be sometimes. Although it is a beautiful country with a rich (and horrible) history, I never noticed how corrupt Mexico is, and how oppressive the government is. Still, I would go again in a heartbeat, because most of the people living there are so nice, and the nature is gorgeous.

I have also read The Hotel on the Roof of the World by another Dutch author, Alec Le Sueur. If you want to laugh until tears stream down your face, I strongly recommend it. Le Sueur’s descriptions of his experiences while working for the Holiday Inn in Lhasa, Tibet are extremely funny. Still, he also talks about the way China rules Tibet and gives a great insight in the troubles of the country.


I was thinking about a film that I would like to see, but that I am not sure of exists. I would love to see a documentary about a product, from start to finish. And not just the clinical approach (resources, production, end product), but really how many human hand touch the product and the way the product travels. Just following a single toothpick would be interesting. First someone chops down a tree, someone else transports the wood, another person slices the wood, someone packages is, then more transport by truck, even boat or plane, someone else gets the package from the truck/plane/boat, a truck-driver brings it to a warehouse, someone else transports it again, people unpack the box, place it on the shelve, a salesperson sells it and the customer takes it home. I even skip some people, and then imagine that a toothpick only costs about 5 cents… Amazing.

Bathroom hypnosis

February 12, 2007

In some bathrooms there are a specific sort of tiles:

Bathroom floor

In my shower I have the same tiles on the floor. Ever since I was little, I have been fascinated by the patterns and the images they can portray. It’s like one of those 3D-books, where you have to stare at the pages until you see a pyramid or a UFO or something. Well, I have never, ever seen an image pop out of me from those books, even when I stare at them for an insanely amount of time. But these bathroom tiles have always triggered my imaginations. I can see faces looking at me, or spot a frying pan in the corner of my eye. When I try to focus, the floor turns into just grey and white and black spots again. I love looking at the floor of my shower and see what I can find. The thing I see most in these patterns are bunnies, for some reason. I wonder if anyone else has seen things in these tiles as well…

P.S. I just looked back at some posts, I think I might have a slight obsession with showering. I seem to talk about it quite a bit. Don’t judge, at least I am clean!

Well then…

January 29, 2007

First! First post! Since this blog is more like a diary for me, I will probably keep it up for about a week. Full of information that might just be interesting to me. I want to record the little thoughts that keep ringing in my head, so that they might leave me alone when I write them down. And to prevent sounding a smidge too depressing, one of the thoughts that has been bothering me this week is: I would love to smash in a window in a bus or a train with one of those little hammers they hang above the windows or doors. I wonder if that will really work. A tiny hammer and a double glassed window made of long lasting plastic of some sort. I would just love to give cracking one of those windows a try using one of those tiny hammers.


And as the title of this blog suggests: I love cats. Dogs too, but cats crack me up and make me giggle all the time. When I feel like it I will explain this fascination at some point, but right now a warm shower and a good nights sleep sound better. I will however leave you with one of my own cat pics. Is this kitty pissed of or what!

Keipissig joh!