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Emi does not approve

March 7, 2009

I had the good fortune to have an audience with Emi recently. But it seemed she did not wholly approve of my humble adoration.

To wit, her emotions:



Ignoring (yay!)

And finally, the ‘BISH PLZ‘ look:


Emi wants you…maybe

December 19, 2008

O yeah, Emi is back! My good friend over at DeSplinter(Dutch only) sent me this great shot of her with the caption: “And what do think you can do for our company?” Spot on, I must say. That inquisitive yet stern look would crack even the toughest of job applicants. Since I already have a job at Emi Inc., all I can really do is say: Awwwwwww, kitteh kitteh kitteh!

Zoomed-in cuteness after the jump.


A star is born

November 23, 2008

Yes, my trusted readers, all three of you, there is a new Cats ‘n Stuff star. After Nippon, Roefes, Mimi and Arie & Bernard, I can now proudly present a soon-to-be recurring guest: Emi. She is the cat of my friend over at De Splinter (Dutch only unfortunately) and the is a-doooo-rable! A sort of tortoiseshell / calico / caliby kitty with the best temper ever. She was sleeping and purring on my lap in no time.

Don’t let the laser eyes fool you!