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Fluid taxonomy – Cattitude edition

December 4, 2009

As some of you may know, I am a total archive geek. Therefore, I love organising and pondering taxonomies and other information structures. So much so, that I am dedicating an entire post to a minute change in my categorising system. There’ll be a real cat post tomorrow that sparked this change, so bear with me.

Two years ago I wrote a post called ‘The ‘ears backward’ move”, in which I stated one can determine the level of annoyance in a cat by the degree in which his or her ears are pointing backward. This is closely related cats ignoring people, another cat trait to which I dedicated a special category. While writing my new post (yes, it’s coming), I noticed I did not have a special ‘ears backward move’ category yet. I know, incredible right?!

So, from now on, both classifications can be found in a brand new parent category ‘Cattitude’. I immediately concede that ignoring is often found in tandem with the ears backward move, but it’s my blog and my taxonomy, so I will change it up and be as illogical as I please. Next up: a REALLY annoyed cat. Yay!

A perfect plan, if you’re not me

September 18, 2009

This is me today:

Well, I’m a Miss, but still it’s fairly accurate.

Today I had a lovely day at work, getting stuff done and then having a drink with colleagues afterwards. But when it was time for me to go home and enjoy my weekend, I could not find my bike keys anywhere. Truly puzzled, I looked everywhere for them, but I could not for the life of me figure out what the hell I had done with them. You see, it takes about five steps to get from the place where I locked my bike to my desk. Where oh where could they be? I complained to my colleagues about losing the keys, asked others if they had seen them and approached complete strangers with the question if they had found some keys. But nothing turned up, so I decided to just walk home and deal with it later.

When I came home, a small mountain of stuff caught my eye, presents for my mom. You see, my mom has left for Fiji for four months, but since her birthday is in October, I decided to send a package with gifts one of these days so it will get there in time. It’s always difficult to find a good box to send stuff in, so when I found a perfect one at work, I decided to take it home today, so I could send the presents along tomorrow. (By the way, she doesn’t read this blog too often, so no surprise spoilers (I hope)).

But, I am extremely forgetful at times, so what I decided to do this morning was to PUT MY BIKE KEYS IN THE BOX. You see, it was a perfect plan. I mean, if I forget the box, I will immediately figure out I have forgotten it when I get to my bike and can’t find my keys. Perfect! If you don’t have the brain of a fairly intelligent goldfish that is. Remind me not to hatch any other perfect plans any time soon…

Festival cat

September 17, 2009

Recently I went to a lovely, cosy festival on the Dutch West Frisian Island of Vlieland called Into the Great Wide Open. Great atmosphere, great food, great group of friends and really great music. To my surprise, I even saw a cat that did not mind to get some cuddles and love from a smelly festival-goer. That would be me. Smelly. How did I accomplish this? Well…

Sneaking up:

Being spotted:

Purposely ignored:

Grudgingly acknowledged after petting:

Back for more cuddles:

In short: the usual approach to cat behaviour in five easy steps!

Queensday composition

May 13, 2009

Queensday here in The Netherlands was very dramatic this year, since a man ran into the crowd that was cheering on the royal family and killed seven people. It took a while to process what happened, and to actually post this picture that I love. I took it on Queensday, and it was one of those surreal compositions you cannot think of yourself, except maybe after consuming copious amounts of alcohol or drugs.

The headlessness, the humping of the computer screen, the leaves, the bikes turning their backs to the scene… I love it! What I loved even more is that I saw someone walking around with this puppet in her hands hours after I took the picture, truly happy with finding it abandoned on the streets. The screen must be so lonely now though…

The definition of Spring

April 17, 2009

Spring has arrived in The Netherlands! The sun has been shining for over a week, and when the first ray hit the city, the whole of Amsterdam poored out, got into their boats, sat on benches and picknicked and generally got around 165 % friendlier. Sure, today will probably one of those rainy days, but the last week was fabulous.

On all my biking trips I did with this glorious weather, I saw lambs. Now, nothing means Spring to me if not a whole flock of lambs being totally adorable and running around. Another Sping must is people playing football in the streets and in the parks here. Well, what happens if you give lambs a football? This!

Disclaimer: cuteness may cause severe redardation in speech, such as ZOMG!1!!!1 *squeeeeeel* THAT’S ADORABLE, AWWWW *head explosion*

Thanks Tom!

To the loo

March 8, 2009

Ok ladies (and gents, but more ladies). At the University of Amsterdam, a new phenomenon is making its rounds. In the ladies bathroom they have installed a….contraption that is supposed to make a quick peeossible for the ladies in quite a male way. The idea is that you just have to stand over a basin and let it all out. Well, only pee actually. I am all for peeing quickly, because I seriously wonder what some girls do in the toilet that takes ages. For real, please tell me why it takes you 2-3 minutes to wizz. No comprendo.

Anyway, this new ‘toilet’ could potentially speed it all up for fast galls like me. There are some problems though, can you spot them?


Getting a laptop call

November 14, 2008

So today I was studying and my mobile rang. It was a friend of my mother’s who is not the most up-to-date-technical person in the world. When I answered the phone she blurted out: “I bought a laptop!”. “That’s great,” I said, “What are you planning on doing with it?”

“Well,” she said, “I would like to use the internet and burn Cd’s.” A mighty good goal indeed.
I asked her how far along she was coming with those bold plans.
“There are so many discs that came with it, I don’t know where to put them.”
I paused for a second, and then asked her: “You mean Cd’s?”
“Yeah, but where do I store them in the laptop?”
“I think I should come over to sort things out, so I can at least install a programme so you can burn Cd’s.”
“That’s so nice of you, but how can I burn Cd’s without internet?”

Clearly, I have my work cut out for me tomorrow…

Catsnstuff Down Under – 5.1: Fiji part two

August 6, 2008

So, this is the final story of my travels through Australia and Fiji, two weeks after my return. I’m contemplating doing a stat story about my trip (number of kilometers travelled, money spent, etc), but that would probably bore anyone but me. Anyhow, here comes the last proper travel tale!


Catsnstuff Down Under – 5.1: Fiji part one

July 22, 2008

So here we are, I thought this would be the last post on my trip, but this post became unbearably long, so I’ve decided to chop it in two. I am also contemplating doing a separate posts about the stats of the trip, so who knows, there might be loads more.


Catsnstuff Down Under – 4.3: Alice Springs to Adelaide. Really!

July 10, 2008

When I flew from Perth to Alice Springs, I was really excited, because you fly over Uluru (Ayers Rock). Of course, I was having a conversation with the guy next to me and managed to miss the announcement of the pilot and the fact that half the plane had run over to the side where you could see the rock. Also, I was sitting next to the engine of the plane, which blocked the window (I had no vision whatsoever) and made a shitload of noise, so there went the possibility to see what I think is biggest monolith on earth from the sky. Hey, that can happen you know!

When I arrived in Alice Springs, I stayed in a lovely hostel. The guy that picked me up, Rex, mentioned that he had a friend in Amsterdam. When I asked him what her name was he said ‘Bregtje’. She just happens to be one of my best friends, so that was a nice coincidence in the middle of the desert of Australia! I was to be picked up early in the morning by the tour company, so I made it an early night. I was kind of dreading it, because I heard from two different people that the company had one terrible tour guide who could only swear a lot and get drunk and who was really rude. His name is Nathan, they told me, so if you get him, you’re screwed.

So there I was, waiting for the tour bus. When it arrived, an unshaven guy staggered over to me and announced in a voice that indicated years of dedicated smoking that his name was Nathan. Wow. In the bus he yelled to the group that there would be loads of drinking the coming week, and my heart sank. I don’t drink, and being around drunk people is no fun for me. But BOY was I proven wrong. In the week that followed I had so much fun and I loved everyone on the bus (yes, Nathan too), made great friends and I can’t remember laughing that much ever. Just a reminder to myself that everybody experiences things different and that not everything is always as it seems. Ok, enough reflection, time for the rest of the story!

The first day of the tour, we didn’t do much, just a lot of driving (which I did a lot of in Australia, on this tour about 3000 kilometers). We slept by the campfire in swags. For those of you who don’t know, swags are basically matresses with a canvas exterior where you crawl in to with your sleeping bag. Also, you have to stuff the swag with all the clothes and other warm stuff you have, because when you sleep in the desert it can become very cold at night. When we were there is was around two to ten degrees Celcius a.k.a. freezing your t*ts of as Nathan so eloquently pointed out. It looks a little something like this: