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Festival cat

September 17, 2009

Recently I went to a lovely, cosy festival on the Dutch West Frisian Island of Vlieland called Into the Great Wide Open. Great atmosphere, great food, great group of friends and really great music. To my surprise, I even saw a cat that did not mind to get some cuddles and love from a smelly festival-goer. That would be me. Smelly. How did I accomplish this? Well…

Sneaking up:

Being spotted:

Purposely ignored:

Grudgingly acknowledged after petting:

Back for more cuddles:

In short: the usual approach to cat behaviour in five easy steps!

Musical update

October 6, 2008

It’s been a while since I wrote about what music I’m listening to at the moment. And since it is such an important part of my life, I should do that more often. When I wake up, the first thing I do is turn on music, I listen to it while riding my bike, and before I go to sleep. Please let me know what you like, maybe I’ll find some inspiration!

Johnny Cash 
I mentioned that I like him a lot before I think, but not to confuse people: I LOVE JOHNNY CASH. My two favourite songs by him are miles apart:

   A Boy Named Sue


The line: “You are someone else / I am still right here” always gets me…

I also love Anouk a lot, her music fills me with energy:

   Good God


The fastest cat in the world + playlist

March 30, 2008

I live in a building with a communal bike storage facility (it’s Holland right!). Thankfully, there are a couple of cats that come and greet me almost every day when I come down to get my bike. They look a lot like each other, but one has a very distinct characteristic that leaves no doubt in your mind about which one you’re dealing with. She is…the fastest cat in the world! She keeps running towards me for a little petting, then runs away, runs back and starts rolling around on the ground like she’s on fast forward. Therefore, I haven’t got a single clear shot of her. And I can tell you I’ve tried. Let me show you how it typically goes:

The approach:


Ready for petting:

Think fast!
“Hurry hurry hurry”

Then the circling of my legs starts:

“Dizzy yet?!”

And finally, the fast-forward rolling:


Want to see the attempts to get a shot that isn’t blurry? Then…


Weekend at “home” and music tips

March 15, 2007

I had a really great time last weekend! I went to my mothers in the city where I grew up. Every time I go there, I am reminded how nice it is to be “home”. Amsterdam is beautiful and all, but when I go down south to visit my family and friends I notice how different it is. It’s lovely! And they have some pretty cool cats roaming in my moms backyard.

Our neighbour cat Shadow. He’s very shy and easily scared. But since I am very patient, he decided petting was in the cards:

Shadow ignoring me
I’m not interested thank you very much


If you want to
If you say petting is nice, I’ll try it, if you must

Tummy pet
Ah yes, I see your point!

There was another cat on a balcony staring at me while enjoying the sun. He has a strange face, my boyfriend called him the Jack Nicholson of cats:

Head tilt


Sunny cat

That last picture is just ridiculous. I love it! And he does really seem to look like Jack…

Jack Nicholson


Tomorrow I’m going to a concert by Jools Holland. That will be an evening filled with me dancing and boogying and really enjoying myself. I love his music: it’s fun, old school rhythm-and-blues and the live band is awesome.

Right now I’m also loving Amy Winehouse’ album Back to Black. It’s a great tribute to old soul music, check it out!

People skills

February 2, 2007

Yesterday, I visited a friend of my mothers who is like a second mom to me. Sometimes when you visit people, you feel like you have to be engaging and funny and have great things to tell. That is one of the reasons I like to be on my own quite a bit; then I can be a total cranky shithead without anyone thinking anything of it. But my moms friend I can always go to, not say a word if I don’t want to, and still feel like I am welcome and have a great evening! She is awesome, and so are her cats:



 Arie happy

The black cat is Bernard and the red tomcat is Arie, and they are totally lovable


 When I left, I decided to listen to some music (even though it only takes me two songs to get to my front door). I put on my MP3 player and the shuffle decided Feeling Good by Nina Simone was the right choice of music. And it was! That song always gives me a lot of energy, and I can’t help but sing along with it. Let’s just say I got a lot of looks on the way home, and not one of those “She’s hot” looks but “WTF will she pull a knife on me!” looks. I must not sing again in public…