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Petting zoo kitteh

April 25, 2009

I went to a petting zoo in Amsterdam recently with one of my friends. Now, for those of you who don’t speak Dutch, we call a petting zoo a ‘kinderboerderij’ or children’s farm. Soylent green anyone? Just so you know, I will not be deterred by the implication that petting zoos should only be visited by children or children and their parents / caretakers. So there we were, in all our finery, prancing around the petting zoo. Side note: do not wear semi-high heels to petting zoos. What was I thinking?

Anyzoo, to my surprise there was also a live-in cat at the petting zoo. And it was a splendid specimen indeed, with just the right mix of adorableness and aloofness.

Well played kitteh. The pensive side-glance that indicates you’re not aware of the hooman trying to attract your attention.

Again, nice job! I am also digging the socks you’ve got there.

Resistance is futile. You must be petted!