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You are about to get sassed

July 28, 2009

Our roving reporter, who now has her own category, has recently been sassed in the most intense and birdlike manner. She had to share it of course, to pass on this birditude. If you ever get crap from someone, either visualise the picture you are about to see, or just e-mail it to them.  It just screams: “What you talkin’ ’bout fool?” and “I don’t take crap from anyone, especially you!”, but then in a lovely, bird-sassy manner. It’s almost impossible to be insulted by this adorable ball of fluff, feathers and feistyness.


This just in! Bobcat baby

March 26, 2009

Our roving reporter who is all about nature, and more specifically and importantly owls and cats, has given Cats ‘n Stuff quite the scoop. She e-mailed me a picture of a bobcat baby with the following report which describes this close encounter:

“He responded to me making cat “prrrrow” mom noises.”


O, excuse me, my head just exploded from cuteness.  I hope the biological baby momma is still around to purr at, and since he looks content enough I’m assuming he just likes to purr at people. Anyway, here is the photo. Beware: cuteness may cause dizziness and head explosions.


Owly scowls or: scowly owls

March 10, 2009

The reason I love owls almost as much as cats is because they do not approve of humans either. A lovely person who is also a great photographer has captured this attitude very well. Are you prepared to be scowled at by owls? I know I am!

“You’re learning to dissaprove already my son. Keep it up.”

“Get off my lawn!”

I suspect owls of preferring to sit up high just so they can look down on us. For your enjoyment, I have made some close-ups of these disapproving birdies: