Grand opening, grand closing

The time has come to stop writing on this humble blog of mine. After three years, 176 posts, and 60,326 views, I’ve come to the end of writing about cats. Yes, pick your jaw off the floor, it’s true. There only so much I can say about these wonderful creatures that I will continue to be obsessed with. Even this great video by The Union could not help me: How To Put The Spark Back Into Your Relationship With Your Cat

I am thinking about starting another blog which will be more like Stuff ‘n Cats; more about my obsession with new media, archiving, music, life in general, and sometimes cats. It will not be linked to this one, since I would like to keep my personal musings anonymous (save for a small group of friends I will inform of this new blaaaag). One could ask: then why not just keep a diary for yourself? Good point. I’ve asked myself this question many times. Maybe it’s vanity (look at me, I’m so interesting and cool!), maybe it’s just a sense of wanting to share stuff with others (even if no-one will read it). All I know is that this blog has been great fun and I love all the friends, family and strangers that have for some reason seemed to enjoy it too.

2 Responses to “Grand opening, grand closing”

  1. shu Says:

    I have to say, I still love coming back and revisiting this blog. I “oooo”, “ahhhhh”, and laugh every time. Thank you for collecting so many smiles and kitties in one terrific web-abode.


  2. catsnstuff Says:

    Aww, thanks Shu! I’m so glad you’re coming back every once in a while! I really appreciate you’re nice message :).


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