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You are about to get sassed

July 28, 2009

Our roving reporter, who now has her own category, has recently been sassed in the most intense and birdlike manner. She had to share it of course, to pass on this birditude. If you ever get crap from someone, either visualise the picture you are about to see, or just e-mail it to them.  It just screams: “What you talkin’ ’bout fool?” and “I don’t take crap from anyone, especially you!”, but then in a lovely, bird-sassy manner. It’s almost impossible to be insulted by this adorable ball of fluff, feathers and feistyness.


Hide and seek with Basje

July 27, 2009

Basje, a.k.a. the fastest cat in the world, loves to cuddle with me when I park my bike in the backyard of the flat I live in. When I came in last week, I heard the miauow, but did not see Basje. Then I noticed her on the roof of our bike storage:

And I must say, she does a great job interacting with me, yet ignorning me at the same time. I bow to you Basje, I bow to you…

Cat Ladies documentary

July 23, 2009

Via Modern Cat I found a link to a documentary about cat ladies called…. Cat Ladies. It’s directed by Christie Callan-Jones. Could this be my future?


July 8, 2009

Sometimes, there’s a cat, who is so great that he doesn’t need many words of introduction. No, the picture says enough about his greatness and stature, his most wonderful character. Sometimes, there’s a cat…. Well, I lost my train of thought here.* This is Midas:

The. Best. Yes?

* Bonus points for whoever gets this reference. Yes, it’s easy, but still!