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Attack mode + restaurant cat + SM cat

March 27, 2007

I went to a birthday recently, and the best thing aside from the excellent pastries were the two cats that were there. One of the cats was very playful, and I made some nice action shots of the cat in attack mode:

Billie attacks!

You can imagine the tails wagging and the anticipating butt waggle of this kitty. I have no idea how to explain that this cats do just before they attack in any better words…

Billie with pastry on her head

The white blob on Billie’s face is a piece of pastry my dad accidentally dropped on her head. She ate it with pleasure!

The other cat found the whole party to be quite a nuisance. Check out her expression, it spells doom!

Souira hating the party

I hate this party!
“I hate this party!”


Tonight, I went out to dinner with one of my favourite old colleagues. She knows I’m a sucker for good food and cats, and the restaurant we went to had both! The kitty decided my lap was a good spot for some sleepin’ and cuddlin’:


Smiling cat

Bag lady cat

Apparently, all cats love bags and coats. This one almost climbed in my purse! I think all the smells from other cats and other interesting thing has a huge attraction, because all kitties always fall asleep on my bag and/or coat. Maybe a trip to the dry cleaners is not a bad idea…


This cat on YouTube loves to get spanked. SM kitty alert!

Invisible stuff ‘n cats + Comic Relief

March 24, 2007

 Edit: Since so many people seem to like this post the best, don’t forget to check out all the posts in this category

 There are tons of cat pictures to be found on the internet, and there has been a long trend of putting sentences and captions with them. I do think that cat pictures are usually more funny without any words or sentences, but sometimes it does work. One of my favourite ‘categories’ are pictures of cats that seem to be on or holding something invisible. And to prevent spoiling this post by explaining why I find it funny:

Invisible bike
The classic!

Invisible sanwich

Invisible roller coaster

Invisible accordion

Invisible chair
Invisible chair (no idea where the caption in the picture went!)

Invisible dunk

Invisible microphone

Invisible racehorse

Invisible violin


It’s Comic Relief time again in Great Britain! This is the time when the Brits show that they have a great sense of humour and are not afraid to use it to raise money and awareness of the almots hopeless poverty around the world. There are tons of there incentives worldwide, but I think that those things are usually quite cheesy and do not come across at all. For instance, it is quite standard in these shows for celebs to poke fun of themselves. Mostly, that is not very funny, but this sketch with Ricky Gervais and others (I will nog mention who they are, that’s half the joke) made me laugh! And it’s nice to see that Tony Blair makes the best of his last months as PM.

Cats in fridges

March 20, 2007

I will post an entry from time to time with a typical subject about cats. Recently, I posted some video’s about bathing your cat. I think it is time for a new one, inspired by a picture someone sent me of his lovely cat:

Mimi in fridfe
Yes, you guessed it (or you missed the picture above and the title of this entry): cats in fridges. Seinfeld voice: “What is the deal with cats in fridges!”. 

If you look up ‘cat, fridge’ on Google images you get 62.200 hits. The combination ‘cat, refrigerator’ generates another 53.300 hits, but mostly concerning refrigerator magnets of cats. Anyway, here are some classics:

Eatin ur foodz

Little black cat in fridge


Double take

I like food, but I would never go and sit in a fridge. Cats are weird…

Weekend at “home” and music tips

March 15, 2007

I had a really great time last weekend! I went to my mothers in the city where I grew up. Every time I go there, I am reminded how nice it is to be “home”. Amsterdam is beautiful and all, but when I go down south to visit my family and friends I notice how different it is. It’s lovely! And they have some pretty cool cats roaming in my moms backyard.

Our neighbour cat Shadow. He’s very shy and easily scared. But since I am very patient, he decided petting was in the cards:

Shadow ignoring me
I’m not interested thank you very much


If you want to
If you say petting is nice, I’ll try it, if you must

Tummy pet
Ah yes, I see your point!

There was another cat on a balcony staring at me while enjoying the sun. He has a strange face, my boyfriend called him the Jack Nicholson of cats:

Head tilt


Sunny cat

That last picture is just ridiculous. I love it! And he does really seem to look like Jack…

Jack Nicholson


Tomorrow I’m going to a concert by Jools Holland. That will be an evening filled with me dancing and boogying and really enjoying myself. I love his music: it’s fun, old school rhythm-and-blues and the live band is awesome.

Right now I’m also loving Amy Winehouse’ album Back to Black. It’s a great tribute to old soul music, check it out!

Haircut and new kitties!

March 11, 2007

Well, it’s been a while, so I guess I will make it a long post!

A week ago, I finally went to a decent hairdresser. And by decent I mean expensive. I’ve always wanted to find out that if you spend some cash on your hair, it will have the desired effect. My conclusion is that it does and that it doesn’t. Let me just say that my ‘coupe’ is quite excellent and that I am very happy with the result. That is the nice part. The bad part is that expensive hairdressers and salons are (or at least mine is) very pretentious and just to arty to my taste.

First of all, I had to wait half an hour even though I was on time for my appointment. That can happen of course, and the people there offered me a nice cup of tea…which I was unable to put anywhere! They had a table in the salon with HOLES in it. Holes. I mean really, it is a table, not a sieve. The holes were not big enough to drop the whole glass through, but hazardous enough to make sure that when you did not place your cup exactly over the hole, it would keel over.

After looking at the table in horror for a few minutes I turned my attention to the people that were getting their hair cut. I subsequently almost ran out of the salon. One girl was getting a haircur best described as a mullet shaped like a rats tail. It was awful. And one of the hairdressers had a tie around his neck as broad as his head. He turned out to be my hairdresser.

Because of the tie, the table and the mullet I was no longer very confident that I would leave looking like a million bucks. Actually, I thought I would leave looking like I was just attacked by an angry mob of rodents. But when I told my hairdresser that I wanted something classic, very not-trendy, and well, normal, he picked up on it. End result: nice hair! But I think I will just take a picture of what it looks like now and go back to my simple, cozy salon I always go to…


As I posted a while ago, I sometimes look after a cat for someone. Well, I had the pleasure and honor to do just that a week ago! This cat cannot take a bad picture, even when playing:

Do I have to play?




There is a cat in my neighbourhood that is always lounging on one of the tables. He is very arrogant, and thus, I like him:

Catching some Z’s

Why, hello

I’m ignoring you…


One of my friends is living with roommates that kind of keep to themselves. Thank God they have a cat that keeps her company:

Do not want!

Evil stare

Chilling on the bed

She may look evil, but she very cuddly indeed.


Since I am a scatterbrained gall, I left the cable I need to upload pictures somewhere, so I can’t post more kitty pics…GRRRRR! I will get a new cable tomorrow.