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A happy and naggy 2010

January 3, 2010

It’s the third day of the new year, and it’s slowly dawning on me that we live in 2010. What a weird feeling. Feels all fresh, starting anew in a year that ends with a zero. And on the other hand it’s of course totally meaningless and just a sense of time that we bestow on it. Anyway, before we get all nihilistic, let me wish you all a very happy new year. May it be filled with nice people and good food.

Rummaging through my cat picture archive I found some nice ones of Roefes. Time to digitally dust those off! In these pictures he’s ignoring me, nagging and sunbathing. In other words: the usual.


Roefes goodness

October 18, 2009

I’m sure I will post more pictures of Roefes, since I’m tending to his needs until the end of October, but a mid-term overview of his best facial expressions so far seems only reasonable. The first one is a bit fuzzy, but does capture the general attitude he has:

He also does a great job ignoring me:

I mean, I really got into his face here, but it had no effect whatsoever. From a distance the effect was roughly the same:

This facial expression calls for a zoom, it’s just that good. Ammirite?


Roefes’ got his laser on stun

April 8, 2009

I was catsitting Roefes when I noticed something while I was taking about a million pictures of him. He has insanely large pupils. I think he did it to spite me, because it makes it virtually impossible to make pictures of him when it’s dark and I have to use my flash. All my pictures came out looking like he was planning to destroy the world with the power of his laser eyes.
I call this one the leisurely laser:

The reflecting peeper:

The lock-and-loading pre-attack laser:

And finally, the world domination:


Roefes is a naggy nag

February 18, 2009

It has been established by now that Roefes is one of my favourite cats. Unfortunately, he is also the master of nagging, king of whining, prince of whimpering. Wow, ok, I got carried away there, but really, it is quite something. So what did I do? I filmed him doing his thang on my crappy digital camera in a semi-lit room. This means the sound is good enough to make you want to stab yourself in the ears, but the image quality of the video is hideous and atrocious. My humble apologies. But if you start whining about it, just remember who does it best.

Click on if you’re ready to get nagged at!


Roefes playing with a feather on a stick

September 7, 2007

As promised, I’m going to post pictures of Roefes playing with a feather on a stick to get rid of this image of him. When I play with him, there is always a certain regularity in his actions, which I think is applicable to loads of cats. A universal cat rule, if you will.

First, the false lack of interest:

Sooo not interested
“I’m so not interested in that feather on that stick, you won’t believe it.”

Secondly, the reluctant attention.

If you insist
“If you insist and if it makes you happy, I’ll look at it.”

Then, genuine interest that can no longer be disguised:

Attack of the Trump toupet
“This is going to be awesome!”

And finally, total lack of any shame!

You missed


Does this seem familiar to cat lovers out there?

The many faces of Roefes

September 2, 2007

This weekend I had the pleasure to cat-sit Roefes again. This has yet again generated an ample amount of pictures, that I won’t post all at once. I would like to present a couple faces of Roefes in this edition.

Disdain / the are-you-kidding-me look:


The human-like / puh-lease look:


The utter maniacal look. Run away!

Screw you...haterrzzz

Don’t think that was scary, you think I’m kidding?!


Up next: Roefes playing with a feather on a stick. I think I need those cute pictures as an antidote!

Roefes returns + new cats + artwork to ponder

May 15, 2007

A few months ago, I posted some very nice pictures of Roefes, a cat that I cat-sit for every once in a while. I saw him again to see how he was doing after he was neutered. Yes, Roefes will not have any babies unfortunately, but there are enough kittens in my opinion. Anyhow, he seemed kind of slow (maybe a little hungover from the anesthesia), but it made for some nice pictures.

Roefes on chair 2
“What, no little Roefeses?!”

Roefes on chair 1


And now for some random cats I saw the last couple of days. This one looks like the “Dude, wait, what…” cat.

Red tomcat Tuinstraat, 1

Dude wait what

The cat below was sitting next to me in a restaurant. He seemed to like the company, but looked very disturbed most of the time. Look at that right ear go way back. He is so annoyed by my attentions :).

Red tomcat in restaurant

Last but not least: check out this cute tortoiseshell cat. She almost looks in love with me!

Cute tortoise cat IJburg 1

Cute tortoise cat IJburg 2


I love art that makes you think and the “Running the Numbers” series by Chris Jordan did it for me. I am someone that is trying to conserve energy and save resources all the time, and seeing the overwhelming stuff that we use every minute or second in pictures really hits home. Images really are stronger than words in this regard I think, and it’s important to ponder a little bit about these things.

Haircut and new kitties!

March 11, 2007

Well, it’s been a while, so I guess I will make it a long post!

A week ago, I finally went to a decent hairdresser. And by decent I mean expensive. I’ve always wanted to find out that if you spend some cash on your hair, it will have the desired effect. My conclusion is that it does and that it doesn’t. Let me just say that my ‘coupe’ is quite excellent and that I am very happy with the result. That is the nice part. The bad part is that expensive hairdressers and salons are (or at least mine is) very pretentious and just to arty to my taste.

First of all, I had to wait half an hour even though I was on time for my appointment. That can happen of course, and the people there offered me a nice cup of tea…which I was unable to put anywhere! They had a table in the salon with HOLES in it. Holes. I mean really, it is a table, not a sieve. The holes were not big enough to drop the whole glass through, but hazardous enough to make sure that when you did not place your cup exactly over the hole, it would keel over.

After looking at the table in horror for a few minutes I turned my attention to the people that were getting their hair cut. I subsequently almost ran out of the salon. One girl was getting a haircur best described as a mullet shaped like a rats tail. It was awful. And one of the hairdressers had a tie around his neck as broad as his head. He turned out to be my hairdresser.

Because of the tie, the table and the mullet I was no longer very confident that I would leave looking like a million bucks. Actually, I thought I would leave looking like I was just attacked by an angry mob of rodents. But when I told my hairdresser that I wanted something classic, very not-trendy, and well, normal, he picked up on it. End result: nice hair! But I think I will just take a picture of what it looks like now and go back to my simple, cozy salon I always go to…


As I posted a while ago, I sometimes look after a cat for someone. Well, I had the pleasure and honor to do just that a week ago! This cat cannot take a bad picture, even when playing:

Do I have to play?




There is a cat in my neighbourhood that is always lounging on one of the tables. He is very arrogant, and thus, I like him:

Catching some Z’s

Why, hello

I’m ignoring you…


One of my friends is living with roommates that kind of keep to themselves. Thank God they have a cat that keeps her company:

Do not want!

Evil stare

Chilling on the bed

She may look evil, but she very cuddly indeed.


Since I am a scatterbrained gall, I left the cable I need to upload pictures somewhere, so I can’t post more kitty pics…GRRRRR! I will get a new cable tomorrow.

Cat sitter – Klutz

February 18, 2007

Don’t worry about the title of this entry. No cats were dropped of balconies, no tails were stepped on… 

The last couple of days I have been a “cat sitter” for someone that was out of town. Since I don’t have a cat of my own (I know! It’s horrible! But my room is just too small.), I always take a cat sitting opportunity when I see one! Especially with this one, he is just quite a character:

Yesss, keep petting me!

Why did you stop petting me! I told you not to!

You say something?

Can we go back to petting then?


He really makes contact with you and he comes up to you face when you ask for a kiss. A perfect relationship if you ask me!


I have the periods when I am super super super klutzy. I trip into anything that crosses my path, and if it isn’t in my path, I’ll do my very best to trip over it or walk into it anyway. It would be just rude to hit the table, but to not walk into the door now wouldn’t it! I have just had one of those periods recently, so I’m covered in bumps and bruises. My favourite thing is walking into doors by making a turn to soon. It’s just wonderful when your shoulder gets disjointed ten times a day! I have resigned myself to the fact that these periods of instability are just part of my life and my dorky charm. What else can you do…